Let’s go Dutch!

No ideas? Steal from the Dutch!

“I Amsterdam” campaign, Kesselskramer, 2004
Still from Verizon “Drop the Mic” commercial, McCann New York, 2017

Nothing says bespoke clothing like mens’ underwear

American flag as skirt. Plus underwear.
Varsity letter. Plus underwear.
Slinky dress. Plus underwear.
Bedazzled feathers. Plus underwear.

“Calvin Klein By Appointment 1-14 is very much about celebrating the American woman and American fashion.”
—Raf Simons, Chief Creative Officer Calvin Klein

“It is driven by character; it’s about a woman feeling empowered and being her own person in what she wears.”
—Pieter Mulier, Creative Director Calvin Klein

“Embroidered, tailored, considered: A traditional, handcrafted sensibility
Cheerleader, Debutante, Majorette: Together with American pragmatism and playful pop iconography.”

Plus underwear